About Jerry Louis-Jeune

I am an International SEO Consultant & Business Coach with over 7 years of management, marketing, communication and business development experience in various geographic areas and sectors including IT, Food Safety, Agriculture, Travel & Tourism and Education.

An experienced Agile Project Manager and Digital Marketing Expert who has helped many Companies Worldwide ranking on the first page of google and maximizing their ROI with Digital Marketing.

I share my knowledge as an advocate for youth empowerment by organizing conferences and training

About Jerry Louis-Jeune


Not only a businessman I am also advocating for youth empowerment, social inclusion and sustainability. I value education and social responsibility.


My studies are my main focus, I am constantly learning to better gather new skills and knowledge to better myself. I actually own 3 Master Degrees in Tourism and Sustainable Development, Marketing and Air Transport Management and 2 Bachelors in Economics and Business Management

Youth Empowerment

I am striving to be a positive influence for youth around the World. I am actively involved in giving training to facilitate youth empowerment and offer a brighter future to the next generation.

Social Inclusion

I have been advocating in the last 3 years for positive change in Haïti, for people that are experiencing challenges participating fully in society such as women and girls and people with disabilities. I have lauch a program name ITIC2020 this year to support people with positive impacts in their commutinity


Globally I aim to become an advocate for hotel companies, and the tourism industry at large, to include the triple bottom line of economic prosperity, social responsibility, and environmental protection in their strategy

My Marketing Credentials

Leading to success

  • I’ve personally reached millions of people online with my work, whether it is my business website, facebook, via publicity, or via other means.
  • I am an SEO and social media marketing expert.
  • I teach multiple online courses on various beginner and advanced marketing strategies.
  • In a more formal manner I teach digital marketing classes for University Students
  • I’ve coached close to 200 entrepreneurs, often helping them to lay out their marketing strategy.
  • Almost all of this was done with a budget of $0 or near $0

What makes me a marketing expert

My Dedication to Excellence

What sets me apart from other consultants is that my knowledge isn’t theoretical. I’ve become a true marketing expert from trying Facebook marketing, SEO marketing, Twitter and other social media marketing platforms, podcasting, offline marketing – you name it. I’ve tried it all, and succeeded in almost all of it. And I am making myself better every day.

So when you work with me, you get a professional who understands theory, but also practices these strategies in his own business every day.

Another thing that sets me apart as a marketing strategist is that I played chess since I was a little kid. When I make a strategy, it is natural for me to see it many steps ahead with its multiple facets interacting.

My Passion

Creating Marketing Strategies

I am truly passionate about creating a marketing strategy for your business that can truly work and make a difference.

That might be one of my strongest attributes as a marketing strategist and a consultant is that I truly want to make an amazing marketing plan and strategy for your business. I invest my creativity into the marketing strategy I create for you, and the results will speak for themselves.


I have worked with both public, non-profit and private organizations in different departments, fields and industries including Food Safety and Security, Agriculture, Air Transport, Business, Communication, Education, Finance, Tourism and Leisure. I ve gained insights in:

  • Business Strategy
  • Private and Public Budgeting processes
  • Research and Data Management
  • Statistics and data analytics
  • SEO and Digital Strategies

I am bilingual (English/French) and professional knowledges in Spanish











My Certificate

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