Team Coaching

Through planned exercises, thought-provoking discussion, and many more coaching techniques, I will help lead your team to their greatest potential.

Executive Coaching

 To be a great leader and/or executive it is critical that one must lead the way in teaching and supporting their team in an effort to reach success. I pride myself on working intensely with executives to assist in rediscovering the confidence, skills, and knowledge to get optimal results and achieve any and all goals.


Work environments are continuously changing. Successful and effective leaders need to be equipped with the skills that will not only allow them to adapt quickly to change but to thrive in their new environments. The war is online now, companies and individuals are striving to create the most powerful digital presence to beat their competitors. 


During my SEO Online Coaching Sessions, I will examine your website, help you create an SEO strategy that will work for you, and possibly help you execute parts of it. Here is what our SEO coaching will cover:

- I will create a high level SEO strategy for your business
- I will help you do keyword research including advanced keyword tactics
- I will help you create an overall content strategy
- I will teach you how to build backlinks to your website to help it rank higher

When we will be done with your SEO coaching, you will have in your possession a real Search Engine Optimization Strategy that will bring huge traffic to your Website
Do you need help writing your business plan? I can coach you through writing your business plan, and at the same time help you create a great business strategy that will work in the real world once you begin executing your business.
Many have tried affiliate marketing but never found the path to success. I've helped many entrepreneurs succeeding in affiliate marketing.

I give online classes that cover how you can reach your affiliate marketing goal which is earning passive incomes from your website.
You will be able to discover how Affiliate Marketing truly works and take the lead.
Here is what our sessions will cover : - Different types of affiliate marketing - How to choose your affiliate niche - How to choose good affiliate products to sell - Free and paid ways to get traffic to your affiliate offers
Social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales. It is especially difficult to get quality and targeted traffic from social media marketing consistently. During our social media marketing coaching, I will: - Teach you how to create and manage a high quality social media marketing strategy for your business - Help you understand which social networks are the best to focus on for your business based on your target audience - Help you create a powerful content strategy - Assist you during the implementation phase of you your strategy
If you are starting a local business in Haïti, I can help you create your business plan and understand how to raise money, help you register the business, get it started, and then help you promote it.
If you want to get into online learning and make money on Udemy or Skillshare, I can help you with your project since I have done it for over 2 years. During our Udemy and online course coaching: - I will help you create a business plan for your online course business and your strategy - I will trach you you how you can create high quality video and audio lectures - I will help you with the process of uploading your courses to Udemy and/or Skillshare
If you run a conference or a university entrepreneur program, I am available to come and speak at your event or organization. My topics of expertise are entrepreneurship, mobile apps, advanced marketing techniques and many forms of online business. Here is a page explaining how you can hire me as a speaker for your event or conference.

7 Steps to Success

Seven steps to help you extend the flow and ease, and succeed in anything you do from dating, to changing your career.


We have a lot of way to learn for your choice.


I live in Toulouse. We can meet in Bordeaux, Montpellier or anywhere around. I work with clients in New Paris, New York, Chicago, Miami, Port-au-Prince (Haïti). You can travel to meet me, or I can travel to meet you for a day session if you are located in France.



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Get in touch with me, and let's start working on your business today! Personally, I love working with entrepreneurs as a business coach. Seeing entrepreneurs like you succeed make all my hard work worthwhile. I look forward to helping you turn your ideas into success.



While we can meet in person if you live in an area close to Toulouse (France), I can also help you via Skype if you are anywhere else in the world. I also frequently visit New York, Boston and Port-au-Prince (Haïti).



I offer free training session and videos are available on my social media pages. You may follow my pages and have free access to them.



I don't know who you are, but i'll find you and i'll help you.


We have a lot of way to learn for your choice.

Silver package


  • Basic SEO Audit
  • Not Included Strategy Analysis
  • Not Included Strategy Optimization
  • Not Included Chat Follow up
  • Not Applicable No show & Rescheduling Fee

Vip package


  • Advanced SEO Audit
  • Advanced Strategy Analysis
  • Advanced Strategy Optimization
  • 30mn WhatsApp/Skype Chat Follow up
  • 5 USD No show & Rescheduling Fee